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Meet the world’s fastest Sandwich Artists®

Let's see who won the 2012 Sub Jammers Competiton

One hundred and forty-six of the fastest Sandwich Artists® from eight countries took part in the exciting 2012 Sub Jammers Competition last month at the Subway® Convention in Orlando, FL.  With music blasting and a huge crowd cheering them on, these blazing fast sandwich slingers competed to see who could make a FOOTLONG™ Turkey sub the fastest. The subs were then judged for speed and accuracy of the build

The top three finishers were:

1st Place – Salvador Rodriguez (Florence, AZ) won $3,000 with an adjusted time of 51.15 seconds (see All-Star profile below).
2nd Place – Bryon Shea (Neenah, WI) won $2,000 with an adjusted time of 51.6 seconds.
3rd Place – Jenni Chapman (Galesville, WI) won $1,000 with an adjusted time of 52.1 seconds.

The Sub Jammers Competition highlights the importance of speed and accuracy when making a delicious Subway® sandwich. Ask your Manager or restaurant owner if there are Sub Jammer Competitions held in your area.

All Star Profiles

Keneth "Jet" Bejer - Assistant Manager


  • •Started as a Sandwich Artist® in 2008
  • •Current Position: Assistant Manager
  • •Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Energetic, friendly and outgoing
  • •Outside Interests: Hanging out with friends, coffee and physical activity
  • •Favorite Sub:  Turkey & Bacon with Avocado
  • •Amusing Fact: I can touch my nose to my chin with my tongue
  • •Customer Service Tip: Be friendly, and povide a great ordering experience.  Always smile, no matter how busy it is.

Jenni Chapman - Regional Manager


  • •Started as a Sandwich Artist® in 2002
  • •Current Position: Regional Manager
  • •Describe Yourself in Three Words:Positive Caring, and Loyal
  • •Big Fan Of: Volleyball
  • •Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
  • •Favorite Part of Working at Subway: Meeting new customers everyday and making their day
  • •Favorite Sub: Veggie Patty
  • •Customer Service Tip: No matter what the situation is, always put a smile on your face

Salvador Rodriguez - Manager

RESTAURANT #/LOCATION: 31480 / Florence, AZ

  • •Started as a Sandwich Artist® on February 8, 1996—The day after he turned 16
  • •Current Position: Store Manager
  • •Describe Yourself in Three Words: Genuine, Driven and Loyal
  • •Big Fan Of: Arizona Diamondbacks
  • •Favorite Movie: Rocky III
  • •Favorite Part of Working at Subway® restaurants: The rush I get from working through a busy lunch; knowing my customers come to my store because they know they can get quality service and still have time to enjoy their break
  • •Favorite Sub: Oven Roasted Chicken
  • •Customer Service Tip: Never turn down a catering order!
  • •Strangest Customer Request: A lady wanted me to cut her sandwich into tiny pieces so her dog wouldn’t have to take large bites.

Sal’s advice for Sandwich Artists: Don’t just focus on pushing the line through; lead the customer through their options and help them order what they want. Example: Don’t just ask if they want cheese, give them their options.